Meet the Author

(someday, those words will be printed inside a jacket cover, and they will be talking about me. You know, someday when I write the great American Novel.)

Hi, I am Amy. I love writing, and I love books. I am a college student studying English Literature, and I analyze books until my eyeballs bleed. Okay, that's a lie. But my contacts dry out. I have a deep abiding love for Victor Hugo, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and inside jokes. I am addicted to Diet Coke, and my family, and The Script. I have a phone named Jayne, a car named Jedediah, and computer named Giuseppe. I am Mormon, but I go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, so I think maybe I am a little bit Catholic too. I am obsessive and OCD and sometimes I can't sleep because my t shirts aren't folded. I am a queen klutz and I bruise easy. aka my hands are usually covered in colored spots. And my fingernails turn purple when I am cold or sick. I hum all the time, mostly unintentionally. I am quirky, and proud of it. This is the place I post stuff. And sometimes, cool people like you even read it.