Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So that happened

Yesterday, following family home evening, Rose received a phone call. Because she is a good citizen, she politely consented to complete a political survey instead of hanging up. So here's the situation:

Rose is in the kitchen on the phone.
I am sitting at the kitchen table, still holding my scriptures from family home evening.
Anthony and Luca are three feet away. Luca is in time out and Anthony is kneeling on the ground, supervising time out.

I can tell from Rose's end of the conversation that the survey guy is asking her opinion about Trump. She begins a level-headed response, something beginning with "totally unprofessional..."


With absolutely no thought or consideration, I looked up from the email I was reading and added my two cents in case the survey guy was allowed to input responses shouted at him from the background.

Said I, none too quietly...

"He's an ass!"
Cue me seeing the shocked look on Rose's face, realizing that Luca is, in fact, right behind me, and desperately trying to recover.


Rose started laughing, Luca had no visible response, and Anthony gazed on me with a steely look brought on only by inappropriate input in his child's life. And then I sat there with my hands over my mouth in horror until Anthony took Luca upstairs to bed and Rose stopped laughing and got off the phone. She complimented my "nice save." I decided that I've become too comfortable expressing my feelings about political leaders to my siblings in the middle of the night, because the combination of those three things leads to the very worst language I ever use.

The whole thing reminded me of the time I showed my students a youtube video with an F word on accident. Maybe I need to reevaluate some things.

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  1. Some content matter requires an appropriate and matching level of language. *reference "About A Boy"


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