Thursday, October 28, 2010

College Standard Time

College Standard Time is very different from Mormon Standard Time. We are not late for everything, everything is just later. For example, my building starts partying around ten thirty and the late stragglers into bed are up around three, conservatively. If you want to have any type of social life, even within your apartments, you will not go to bed before one in the morning. Everything starts later and ends later. Or earlier. I guess you could look at it either way. This isn't really a problem for me except that my evenings start at eleven instead of the traditional six or seven likee the rest of my family. I really like my family. I like to talk to my family. But I am on College Standard time and they are not. In the first month here it was not uncommon for me to call my sisters thinking it was around nine and ask to talk to my niece or nephew, only to be informed that it is eleven thirty and they are asleep. What? Where did those two hours go? Time flies when you are studying, right? I've also called my dad a couple times when it was later than I thought. The problem here is compounded when you take into account that daddy travels every other week and is usually at least one time zone away, sometimes two. so those end up being two in the morning phone calls on his end and I was always really glad I realized how late it was and hung up before he wakes up and I feel the wrath. Now I check to see what time it is before I make phone calls. But it usually doesn't occur to me to call anyone until after they are all in bed. So my goal is to talk to all of them a lot more than I actually do. As it is, I really miss them and I might have to set an alarm so I can remember to make phone calls before the wee hours of the morning. After all, habits are hard to break and I am thoroughly acclimated to College Standard Time.

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