Thursday, September 22, 2011


That was an unintentional hiatus. For the two people who read this and care, my sincerest apologies. I have just emerged from an epic battle wherin the gods of blogging, internet, and email all ganged up and decided to make me want to drive to Hoover dam and jump off.

What is equally frustrating is that I am not entirely sure if the war is over, but as long as we are talking strictly battle time, I won. Blogger will once again acknowledge that I am the author of this blog.


So here I am. I haven't written anything in nine years. So I might be playing catch up for a while. Cause while I was not blogging, I was doing other stuff, most of which was great, some of which sucked a whole lot. But mostly not, cause I have aspen trees outside my window, so really, life can never such that much.

kay. catching up will happen someday. maybe.

* I don't care that the real version is boom roasted. eat it.

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