Friday, December 2, 2011

Questions, concerns, emotional outbursts?

C. Emotional Outburst.

Aka this has been a great week and it is culminating here on this lovely Friday afternoon of the best freaking day I've ever lived!

When I came home from Thanksgiving and had three more weeks of school staring me in the face, I though I might die from the very sight. And the thought of all those papers I had to write rearing its ugly head made me nauseous. And then the best week of the whole semester ensued, characterized by the following epicness:

 Diet Coke, obviously.
Watching NCIS
frantically puttying the holes in the wall and reattatching my headboard and stowing contraband items in my trunk in anticipation of cleaning checks
paying rent. by myself. 
Dracula, obviously.
Singing in the dishroom at work. Loud.
cleaning out my desk and closet at 3 a.m.
obnoxious awkward hands contests in the middle of class
doing homework with Shane and Stephanie
bribing myself with noodles if I will do my homework
getting a christmas tree in the living room
writing papers on campus in the wee hours of the morning
my professor telling me that my paper is perfect (snap. victory. happy hyperventilating)
getting mail!
getting mail with pictures my nieces drew for me that I am going to hang on my ceiling
skipping shamelessly through campus in celebration of such fabulous events

All these things, coupled with wishing over railroad tracks and sliding down railings, are the kind of things that make life dang good. There isn't even a word blissful enough to describe my mood right now. 

But this song comes close:

Also, I want to learn to play the guitar. That is the sound of sunshine.


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