Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You know it is Week 14 when...

-Half your lit analysis class converges simultaneously on the computer lab an hour before the final  paper is due.
- Actual studying mixed with the sound of furious typing has replaced the sleepers in the library.
-You are carting around every textbook you own, cause you need all of them every day. For reals.
- Your jump drive runs out of room for the first time ever.  
- Instead of avoiding homework with TV, you avoid your most foreboding homework with the least objectionable homework.

And the best of all:
- Your professor says things like, "Obvious answers are the only thing holding the world together right now!", possibly while banging his fists against his forehead.

In other news:
Some weird stuff happened today.
#1 I was trying to escape the maze of desks in Shakespeare class when I somehow fell into a desk and onto the floor at the same time. The whole class stopped talking and watched my fatigue/embarrassment induced laughing fit whilst I lay on the floor tangled in the bars.

#2 I came home from class to find CJ in my room, making my bed. That's right, that one boy who lives in the apartment over there. wonky.

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