Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I spent all day at work today, like every Tuesday. Only today was fun and not horrific like last week. And I was thinking today that tuesdays are a perfect example of how you can be doing completely menial tasks for almost no money and still have a good day when you add a good attitude and some awesome people. Like, diet coke level excellent co worker friends. Also, actual diet coke. (that is why the world goes round.)

The following things made my day awesome, or at least noteworthy:

- I made a lot of messes, even for me. And Scott didn't see a single one. I don't think he's ever missed one before. He has a sort of sixth sense; he turns up out of the blue exactly when I do something dumb, almost always. But today, he missed the spilled beets that turned the cutting board purple (probably permanently), the explosion of honey mustard, and the insane amount of times I inadvertently threw vegetables out of frying pans.
- I figured out where the chronic bruises on my forearm come from.  I yank the walk in handle open with the inside of my arm cause my hands are full, that's where they come from! That has been driving me crazy for months. Victory.
- I held in several huge sneezes succesfully, and I did not contaminate any food with the violent symptoms of my nasty cold. I also dosed myself like a druggie with cold medicine and ate airborne pills like candy, soo.....
-  People started looking at me weird while I was swiping their meal plan cards, and that was when I became very aware that part of my face was twitching uncontrollably because I had been holding in sneezes for so long. I really tried to stop it. Unsuccessfully.
- I cannot and have never flipped a pancake or omlette in the air without it crumbling apart. And Gary, bless his heart, was so concerned about this, that he went home and googled "how to flip an omlette in the air". And then he came and told me to practice with a heavy piece of bread. So I walked around flipping bread for a while, and then I threw my very first pancake. It was a big deal. Scott and Elyse celebrated with me, and then I ate the pancake to congratulate myself. boom. roasted. 
- Collin asked me how my dating life was going, and when I told him I didn't have one, he said "Blake, fix that!" I am holding up awkward hands.
- I tried Brough's old "cure for the common cold", aka diet coke and orange juice mixed together. He tried to make me try it back in ninth grade and I wouldn't do it, but today, I got desperate enough. And let me tell you something. It is not worth it, folks. I never thought I would say this, but Brough is wrong.
-Last but not least, awkward comment of the day and possibly the semester.
Brought to you by Collin Maki:

"I'm taking off my pants. You can be in here if you want, but I'd probably get out."

I got out.

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