Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Universe is trying to tell me something

You know those days that make you believe all over again that coincidence is a myth? Like the time I was uber depressed about that awful accidental haircut and wanted to go live in some bushes until my hair grew back and then three strangers told me I was pretty in one day!

This has been one of those days, only all week long. Backstory: Lately I have been feeling kind of slumped. I have a lot of big decisions to make and I am just a bit stuck. And I have just been feeling like nothing will ever happen, you know? All those things on my bucket list just feel kind of far off and that is a little bit despressing. And then some odd stuff started happening this week. For example:

-Instead of having  awful dreams or sleepless three a.m.s, I have been having the best dreams of my life, wherein all the things I think will never occur actually occur.
- The lady at the temple asked me if I was endowed, and when I said no, she shook her head and said, "Not yet. We think positive." Kay, true. That will happen someday.
- I went to the bridal fair with my engaged RS President roommate Stephanie (this year's recipient of my roommate curse). And we went to the S.E. Needham's Jewelers's  station and the one guy told all of the brides to come try on the rings, and Stephanie's sister and I both said that we aren't getting married, right? The bride is over there wearing the bride sticker! And he said, "Please! You're getting married. Not right now, but you are getting married." Wow. That was probably some marketing stunt they have to say, but I don't even care. Way to be all positive, random diamond guy.

This is cool. Not cause I am suddenly unstuck, but these are definite signs promoting positive thinking and patience and hope over all my carefully guarded hopes and three a.m. wishes, right?

Also, I have been listening to Joshua Radin, and that makes unhappiness impossible.
Ha. Stuff will happen.

Also. The Middle just came on the radio. Coincidence? I think NOT!  Is it weird that I believe with serious-not-joking certainty that Heavenly Father has some influence in my pandora stations? Cause you can't tell me that was chance. Seriously. Go read the lyrics.

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