Thursday, April 5, 2012

Because everyone knows it is very foolish to shut oneself into a wardrobe

Today I had an inner battle, which commenced when ten minutes before my geology review Blake texted me to ask if I wanted to go get Jamba juice with a bunch of work people. The inner dialogue was as follows:

Responsible Amy: Can't. Nope. Do you wanna pass Geology or fail like a wimp?
Irrational Amy: Please! Please! Please! Holy Crap I really want Jamba!
Responsible: No. You have no money and you must pass geology.
Irrational: But you are always telling me to be social! I like these people and I want fruit, dang it!
Responsible: tell yourself no, like a champion. You will feel better if you study.
Irrational: Fine. I'd feel better studying with a carribean passion, you know.
Responsible: somehow manages to stick out her tongue and retain a triumphant facial expression.

The win of the responsible half of myself was rewarded when I was walking across campus and was suddenly encountered with a  man wearing hoofs, leg fur, horns, and a scarf. That's right. Mr. Tumnus was walking towards me, asking with a perfectly straight face, "Have you seen Lucy? I lost her."

I know, right?

I was pretty excited about it. As I was leaving (having responded that I had no knowledge as to Lucy's whereabouts and that I was sorry Aslan was so upset about it) he was chasing someone down with a sword yelling, "FOR NARNIA!" 

I am a hermit, and sometimes I have a hard time being social. I have a bad habit of shutting myself into a wardrobe, so to speak. So those times when I really want to be social, I usually jump on it. And those times when I get to have jamba with some of my favorite people, I really jump on it. Except that I really have to pass geology. So today when I forced myself to choose between responsibility and irrational lapses of responsibility,the irrational half wanted to jam a spoon in the responsible half's eye. But then I learned a miraculous lesson.

Moral of the story:
When you make yourself be a big kid and go to your stupid exam review even though you really want to get out of the wardrobe and go to jamba with your friends, sometimes the universe will reward you for your efforts and let you experience all the good things you never knew were in the wardrobe. Like Tumnus. 


  1. Ok, so either you ate some daffodils again, or this is a pretty crazy awesome story. I would like follow-up as to why there was a man dressed up as Tumnus running around though.

    P.S. Awesome post.

  2. no daffodils. I've got no clue why there was a man dressed up (or down, I suppose) as Tumnus. but it was epic anyway.

  3. We saw a Jedi. We were driving home from school and saw him in his robes waiting to cross the street. He was wearing sneakers so it dispelled the illusion somewhat. But not bad.


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