Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snarky and shrewish. That was my day.

Twelve hour Tuesday has once again spawned a violent reaction. I have no faith left in humanity today. People have been rude and irritating and ill-mannered and a lot of them did it on purpose. I have been holding in the Ilse Burnley-esque urge to go into a rage and throw things just to hear the "jolly smash!" basically all day, because I want to keep my job but mostly because there weren't any large vases accessible.

First, all the kitchen staff stole my dressing bottles and it took an hour to find enough lids. Which is nobody's fault but was inconvenient anyway. And then the pans in pasta station were extra opposite nonstick today, and then there was the epic battle with my mortal enemy the sneeze guards at pasta station. There were casualties. Windex bottle down.  It is with great luck and self-control that I report there were no actual human casualties, because:

We are in college! We are big kids! We should know that you should not put your feet on a table in a public shared dining room, nor should we clip our fingernails and leave it for the employees to clean up, not should we leave our trash and food lying everywhere, nor should we give the pasta lady dirty looks when she asks what you wanted again cause you are mumbling enough to make anyone's blood pressure skyrocket, nor should we spill orange juice everywhere and not tell the employees with sanitation rags who can clean it up, nor should we harrass the employee who is not allowed to give you more shrimp, nor should we be snotty to the cashier when she has to walk across a room to get to you when you didn't bother to push the button that will let her know you are there, nor should you purposely move the tables around and strategically trap all the chair legs under the table legs so it is impossible for the cashier lady to move back, once she has finished cleaning up the garbage you've so artfully strewn about and the chairs you have moved into the middle of the floor nowhere near a table, that is.

That was an epic run on sentence. McCuskey would laugh and then tell me I could probably phrase it better with some extra work. But I'm not going to cause I walked around at work for twelve hours today and most of the time I was forcing a smile and breathing deep. 

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