Monday, June 4, 2012

One Week!

One of my favorite songs by Barenaked Ladies, One Week is also the amount of time left until Erin and the Girlheads will once more reside in this time zone. Oh hey, internet, did you know all the Newtons are coming to live with me this summer and I get to share a room with my nieces?  I'm a little excited. (Read: Yelling about it while I'm awake and dreaming about Emma and Libby while I'm asleep.)

However, the panic is also setting in. I have to clean my room.That tornado of stuff is not currently a suitable child habitat. I have to get everything ready! I have to finish the dresser and I have to make posters or something and I have to find the play pen which suddenly vanished and I have to find a place where the crayons will be accessible! I've got to find that fan so Erin and Ben don't suffocate in that furnace we call the yellow bedroom. Basically, there's a lot to do and I am running on a totally unstructured schedule and I have to get going and get it done so the whirlwind of my brain can settle and let me think again.

On that note, everybody listen to Barenaked Ladies, which is what I will be doing whilst I whirlwind around cleaning everything! Happy June!

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