Sunday, June 10, 2012


My life has consisted of some straight up awesomness of late, and it is gonna get a whole lot better.

For example:
James throwing boomerangs while I duck with Matthew. We proved that a boomerang can be smacked with a flip flop in midflight.  "That law of physics has been tested!"

Stealing Matthew's nose, a game that was followed with shrieking as we stormed around the house like five year olds. I love that boy.

Roadtripping with my siblings! We saw the GRAND FREAKING CANYON and a solar eclipse turn red on top of a forest fire, and we fed a tiger and got really really sunburned and watched a whole heap of Marvel movies and ate copious amounts of cheesecake. It was probably one of the best weeks of my life.

Working full time. I probably made a thousand plus pizzas single-handedly this week. Love it.

Hiking up to the Timpanogos caves with Daxx Orion Stryker, who talked our way into the cave tour even though it was sold out and we didn't have tickets. Like a boss.

Sleepovers with Amy and Mark, who made me oven smores and soothed my ruffled spirit and gave me lots of dating advice. Mark is a champion at dating advice. Works like a charm, every time.

Crowning Glory:
MY FIG NEWTONS ARE COMING HOME TOMORROW! Which means that it is exactly twelve hours and twenty six minutes until their plane is scheduled to land and then I can hug them all to my heart's content.  Quote bookage from some very excited aunties: "You know what would make it all better?" "What?" "Snuggling with Lemma." " Mmmhmm."
 And that is just the morning! The evening hours are scheduled to indoctrinate previously mentioned Daxx Orion Stryker with the wonderfullness that is the Phantom in Purple Spandex. Basically, it's gonna be a good day.

Your day might be good, but mine will probably still trump it. Life is "Fantastic!" Boom Roasted. 

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  1. Solar eclipse over a forest fire?!? SO awesome! PS it warmed my heart that you specifically mentioned oven smores.


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