Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry who?

normally the answer to this question is: Ron. But after that movie/end of my magical childhood, I have a new question.

Ron who? The answer is Neville.

Yeah. I can't use spoilers or anything, cause here in the blogosphere, people might send me hate mail, and I would cry. But sheesh, in case you are the one person out there who wasn't sitting in a movie theatre this morning, go see Neville. Sure, the triplets were good. But that special place in my heart for the almost squib we know and love grew about four sizes somewhere around two this morning.

Also, in celebration of a week of Potterness, I thought this was really funny.

Never judge someone by their adolescence.

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  1. i was the one person not sitting in the theater. i'm happy to say i have not seen a single harry potter flick.


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