Saturday, July 16, 2011

weeell, look what time the weather is!

So today, I went to work. And I was fulfilling my normal function as a topping robot when all of a sudden, a couple shows up. They are old, probably in their seventies. And I don't pay much attention except to notice that they want a large pizza so I can go grab a crust from the walk-in. And then I came out of the walk-in.

And I noticed that this woman was not wearing a shirt.

She was wearing shorts and a sports bra. Not wearing a shirt.

Now, this fact is wrong on so many levels.
1. Bras are not meant to be worn as shirts.  They go under shirts. ( Aren't you required to know that before you turn 5?)I don't care if Ashley wore one on that one group date. It doesn't count. Put a freaking shirt on.

2. This bra was not part of a work-out ensemble. AKA she was wearing jeans, had her hair curled, and was wearing lipstick. She had obviously not come from the gym, or any place where such attire could be remotely normal. Umm, what?

3. This lady was old. And the sistas weren't looking so good, if you know what I mean. Like, she probably should have had a bra on under the bra for all the good it was doing.Cause if you just decide not to wear a shirt, you still gotta wear something that fits.

So we hurry and make her pizza, Dallas finishes ringing them up, and they leave. We are standing there, being topping robots, and I say, "Soooo...."
And Dallas replies, "Yeah. I didn't want to say anything. But I'm glad someone else noticed."
Me: "I feel wierd about that. Kind of writhing in awkwardness."
Dallas: "Yep"

I suppose it takes all kinds of exhibitionist old ladies to eat the world's supply of pizza, right?

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