Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mixing Metaphors

The other day I was walking through a parking lot with my sister, animatedly discussing the good stuff that comes from doing really hard things. Because we are geeks like that. But I was in a really odd mood, and when that happens I tend to use really descriptive language.

I was using as a specific example the end of the last semester, at which time I drove myself absolutely nuts with exhaustion, living at work, and pulling all nighters on campus writing papers about Shakespeare. It was hard. Really hard. It was also one of the times I have felt the most help from Heavenly Father. We were a stellar team. We kicked those finals in the butt and did a dang good job writing papers and going to work on two hours of sleep, if I do say so myself.  As I said to Bekah, "It was hell, basically. Absolute Hell, and I loved it."

That doesn't make sense unless you hear the rest of the conversation.  This is where I started talking about how the really hard times of life are really actually great, masochist that I am.
 Me: "It's like being thrown into a vat of hot oil that is maybe radioactive and emerging a superhero with powers and stuff!"
Bekah: "Sorta like the ninja turtles."
Me: "Yes! Green goo that makes you really really cool! Or, if we are being serious, I would probably say it is a consecration of your efforts and sacrifices and obedience to make your experiences valuable and even sacred."
Bekah: "You have such an interesting way of describing things in really opposite ways."
Me: "Yeah. I just described the same feeling with vats of oil, green goo and the word consecration, didn't I? That was weird."

I've been thinking about that lately, sort of regretting that my life hasn't been that productive this semester. And then, because I wished for it, it started getting that crazy. And then I started thinking about the vat of radioactive hot oil and thinking, "We can get it done. And when I am done, I will be a superhero!"

So I am gonna go continue working and not sleeping, and you should all come up with cool powers I can pretend I have. Happy Finals week!

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