Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear World

I have this problem called "I miss everyone in life who is not my family. A lot. Like, I am dying of missing people because all my best friends don't live in the same city, or state, or country"

So today I was reminiscing. And I was thinking how great high school was. And college. And also how the teensy awesome things are what makes life worth living. Like:

- Pink sock Thursday, which I observed all of Junior year with my friend Jessica. It was the only time I ever wore those pink socks. ( which I was just reminded of when my dear dad bought me a pack of socks. they know how to keep me happy)

- Fridays. Not the day, but the dessert which the Liz's invented and passed on to me, which I then passed on to Daniel and Aurora. Fridays (thus named because they are as good as a Friday, though I think they were invented on a Tuesday) consist of school cake with the frosting scraped off and reapplied over a layer of peanut butter. Because Liz and I both consistently kept a jar of peanut butter in our lockers at school at all times, so we had some handy.

- playing sardines in the theatre department and hide and seek in the pitch black auditorium. also, dodging around that hole and the several weak spots in the catwalks. If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space, right?

- being regularly threatened with ejection by Leatherby's employees. Multiple car collisions with that one pole that sticks out too far in the Leatherby's parking lot.

-The four square we drew outside my apartment with a bar of soap because we couldn't find chalk. Said four square was still there after an entire Logan winter and rainy, slushy spring. If it stays on concrete that long, I am never using Dial soap on my body ever again.

- Laughing while Eli yells at the Mormons outside the student center every day. It cannot be a bad day if Eli is outside the TSC.

Okay, memory lane can be closed now. Life is good. May we all remember that the small joyful details are what makes life worth living, and continue to slide down long railing accordingly.


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