Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ummm... still a teenager, which means that I am excited about my birthday in a truly childlike fashion

yep. nineteen counts. But in celebration of my last year of teenagerness, some cool things happpenned, aka it is the best day ever. (which probably means nothing by now because I say it so much, but whatever. life's good.)

- Justin sent his little brother on a scouting mission to find out what I wanted for my birthday. I was supremely unhelpful, but he did a good job left to his own devices. I really love my necklace, and also the birthday card that shouts at me, and also him.

- Mom went all out and got me the Emily books and new moccasins, which I have never done because I am still mourning the last pair I had to throw away because I wore them so much the toe ripped wide open. Internet, did you take my advice and read that slice of heaven in literature form that is the Emily series? You should, and I am going to re read whilst wearing my new moccasins, so we can just have a reading party, which I am always a fan of.

- Sarah woke me at Five o something this morning with a text message instructing me to look outside. I was greeted with a freshly streamered and ballooned yard, and welcoming me into the birthday wonderland was a pathway of bubble wrap. Also, she left a huge bouncy ball and a 2 liter of diet coke on my porch, and wrote on my sidewalk that I am not a cat lady. It was worth being woken up at five a.m., no question.

So today, on this anniversary of my birth, I demonstrated my still-a-teenagerness by dancing to Crazy Frog, jumping on my bed while listening to Outkast, and making up a dance routine while I was in the shower. The day is not over yet, and I fully intend to dance to the radio at work, and maybe even sing if Daxx is there.

Also, a few years ago I adopted  Jessica Wright's theory that one cannot gain weight on their birthday, and I ate ice cream for breakfast accordingly. It's a good day.

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