Sunday, October 9, 2011

because I'm sick, and also a night owl

It is 12:34 a.m. Make a wish and do it quick because this is the magic time of night when suddenly my brain comes alive. (usually with some help from a caffienated beverage)

So here's my life. I have this paper due tomorrow. It is comparing and contrasting Shelley and Tennyson and their views of social and gender roles in the nineteenth century as characterized in Frankenstein and The Lady of Shalott. Which I am all over! I have buttloads of things to spout about this, cause that's the kind of freak I am. But I am having a little difficultly organizing this into an essay instead of something I just spouted through my excited fingers.  There are several reasons for this.

1. McCuskey keeps telling us he wants a stream of conciousness, and also an organized essay. Maybe he doesn't understand cause he is a man, but in my book those two things are the definition of antithetical.  Organization and my stream of conciousness aren't friends. They aren't acquaintances. They don't nod as they pass each other on the quad. If they acknowledge each other at all, it is with thumb- biting and dirty looks.*

2. I have been working on this thing all weekend. Also, I have a nasty cold. My face might explode any second. Also, I kept sneezing on my keyboard while I typed, so then I had to stop and get Clorox wipes. Very counterproductive. Those things overlapped, which means that two miserable things are compounded into something resembling a machete and a pair of pliers.**

3. Lots of exciting stuff happened around here this weekend and I got kind of distractified. We had family dinner and cleaning parties and surprise birthday parties and sleepovers and movie nights and deep conversations at 2 thirty in the morning when I should have been sleeping and boys sneaking into our apartment  in the middle of the night and creeping us out and then it was just greg so it was fine and not a rapist like Katie was afraid of and resetting the internet six times before it would finally work. Anyway. Lots of stuff.

So here's me. I am blogging when I should be finishing my essay and wishing I was dead instead of dealing with feeling this crappy and trying to ignore the fact that I have to be at work in five hours and I haven't even gone to sleep yet.

I just used a lot of really bad grammar and run on sentences.

That's the thing that seems like the biggest problem to me in all of this post.

I need help.

* Sixteen points if you got all the Shakespeare stuffed in there.
** Five points if you got the J-Lo movie. I am on fire with the media references!

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