Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This may have something to do with all the Diet Coke

My life consists of some hardcore awesomeness. Which I am concious of on most days, but I just got an extra shot of dopamine when I turned my car on and the radio was playing the same song I was humming and decided I had to share my joy with the internet.

 Hence, some recent awesomeness:

  • The Script. I love them. Also Matt Kearney and Barenaked Ladies. 
  • Going to choir concerts full of Broadway (wherein my lovely roommate was the absolute most talented one of the bunch. obviously.)
  • More of The Script. Seeing as how it just came on the radio again.
  • College apartment pranking. Aka all our forks got slowly stolen. ( So we maybe broke into the boys apartment and stole all of their forks back. Yes. Even the dirty ones from the dishwasher. Absolutely we are champions.) 
  • My bosses are divvying up employees between the junction and the new Fine Arts Cafe. And they have been fighting over me. Score.
  • Star Wars demotivational posters. Because U.S. Institutions is just too boring and Shane always brings his laptop. We get distractified. 
  • Bridal shower for Kate who is getting married quick. I miss that woman a whole heap.
  • Playing with Matthew and skyping with the Fig Newtons way over there across the country. 
  • Daddy has dubbed me with a new nickname. Seeing as how Erin moved, she is now East coast Trouble and I have been promoted to West Coast Trouble. Snap!
  • Shameless flirting with that boy from work. I'm enjoying that. 
  • The wonderfulness that is Kate Chopin and the Brownings, Mr. and Mrs. 
See, I noticed something. Backstory. Go.
I show up to work at six freaking thirty in the morning. And the standard greeting is "How are you?" And, to prevent teary meltdowns because I'm so tired, I decided to always answer with excessive enthusiasm so that people don't think I am a freak who cries when I am tired.
What I have noticed is that you can only fake excessive enthusiasm for so long before it stops being fake. So now when I see Gary and Katie in the mornings I can be enthused and it is not lying through my teeth.

Success!!! (or, as Gabe says, susex!)

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