Monday, November 21, 2011


(name that Thanksgiving episode of Friends for sixteen points)

We are almost to Thanksgiving break, and I am starting to crack. At work tonight we were serving Thanksgiving food, which was real delicious and also some sick joke to torture me.  I just want to be done writing papers and researching Vampire lore and analyzing those terrible sonnets and reading endless pages of Shakespeare Quarterly. I will explode into a thousand pieces if I don't get out of Logan and play with my family soon. I am currently experiencing an intense need to take Matthew to see the horses, and make dad hug me whether he wants to or not, and sing with Justin, and  have mom yell at me to leave the kitchen on thanksgiving, and have sleepovers with Bekah, and breathe the fog free air of home once more.

Maybe if I stop watching all the Thanksgiving reruns of Friends, I won't feel so desperate for sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Only one more class and one more shift to go. And then I can blow this Popsicle stand. I think I can, I think I  can, I think I can....

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