Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In which I tell a lot of inside jokes

When life gets a little crazy, I read romance novels, and drink a whole lot of juice, and have hour long phone conversations and vent to my brother and ignore texts from that one boy who should read the break up rules and not text me three hours later, and avoid my boss who knows way too much about my life at the moment, and break down and get a cake in a cup on my way home from school out of sheer starvation/depression.

And then I tell myself to be a big kid and go to class. And sometimes, on days like today, being a big kid and going to class pays off. Because my professor is so awesome that in a class titled British Literary History of the Nineteenth Century, I actually laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. I basked in the literary genius that spouts from that man's mouth. And then I wrote down a bunch of class inside jokes that were just newly born. And, so you all can be jealous of my trash kicking english education/ literary inside joke indoctrination, I am going to post them. Laugh hard.

(Disclaimer: All of this will be a lot funnier if you read Lewis Carrol and Oscar Wilde. Which is something you should probably do anyway. ahem.)

" And that is the part when I realize he is mocking me, two hundred years in the future."

"And that's how I know that Lewis Carrol hates us all, especially me. Cause let's face it, its my job to be the biggest head Humpty Dumpty."

"See Mean Girls and see Babe. Those two movies together teach you everything you need to know about idiology and social structure! We shouldn't even be having class. Seriously."

" So, Humpty Dumpty is Regina George."

It's official. I am making my professor a Christmas present. AKA a t shirt that says Regina George on one side and "That's so fetch!" on the other.

To sum up: We have now begun to study Oscar Wilde and the Aesthetic movement. And laughing hard. AKA McCuskey is bringing muffins to class on Friday and we are learning the art of Bunburying.  Also, please take 32467890 points if you know about Bunburying.

(Speaking of Oscar Wilde, shout out to Nate and good old Tville Theater. "Shut up, Jackie, I'm trying to have a tea party!")

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