Thursday, November 3, 2011

The sun is shining! The tank is clean!

Today is the best day ever. I take it back, this whole week is the best week ever.
Things are going way better than I planned.
On Monday I wrote a paper from start to finish in an hour and ten minutes and I was pretty sure it sucked. And then I went to meet with my professor about it today and he told me how great my thesis was and how I picked a really good passage to explicate and we had this conversation about Kate Chopin and the purpose of literature and the uses of ambiguity in narration and it was stuffed full of existentialism. And we all know how much I love existentialism.
I talked to my year old niece on the phone and she made cute noises and tried talking to me and then hung up on me cause " pressing buttons is her favorite pastime!" I miss those girls. I really hope she remembers who I am when they come visit.
It is autumn. Which is my second favorite season. Aka, I have been crunching in the leaves and loving life. Every day I walk to class and people diverge around the tree lined way and use the sidewalks instead and I walk right through the middle of it and wonder, "What are all these party poopers doing, walking on cement?"

Good stuff is going on around here. On a scale of Rascal Flatts to B.O.B., I am falling somewhere in the region of Sean Kingston. And that is pretty good, folks.

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