Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Beard Brothers

Lancey Pants and Joshua came over tonight. Here's what went down. Cause stuff always goes down.

"Did you just fart?"
"Hehehehe." (laughing on the floor for reals.)
"Girls really fart!"

"your laugh is way different since you broke your ribs."
"yeah, josh, you've changed. You are not the same person you were before!" 

" you guys are such girls."
" cause we check our outfits?"
"yeah. we don't even do that except on sundays."
"please. I was wearing my red shirt today. I was looking good. right, josh?"
"yeah man. I told you. paired the nice pants with the shirt and that hat."
"see. he knows how to dress me. I'll be like Josh what do I wear with this and he'll be like dude wear the nikes with the nice pants and I'll be good to go."

" I feel like I am really a girl about my clothes. I only buy nice ones, man."

" Seeing people's poop and seeing them naked brings you together. Katie knows me better than 98 percent of people cause she saw my poop."
"Are you guys talking about the time Lance didn't flush?"
"yeah, and naked. brings you together, man."
"katie saw you naked?"
"no that was me."

" yeah he dried me off. it was when we were both broken. my collarbone and his ribs. I was like Josh dry me off and he did. Cause who wants to put on a shirt with your back all wet? that's gross."
" I've done way worse things than dry a man's back. like lancey, you don't even know."

" we hung out way more before I moved here."
"when this was your bedroom and that was your cabinet?"
"yeah. when I lived with you guys."

Every girl apartment needs boys who will talk about awkward stuff without being awkward, and make them watch Will Ferrel movies, and throw bottles of vitamin water at you, and tell you your plaid pajamas are legit, and nickname you Amelia Bedelia. Love these boys.

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