Monday, March 5, 2012

Moodswing Upswing

Sometimes, I get really lonely and have emotional breakdowns when things turn out the opposite of how I planned them. This weekend was one of those, filled with some soul crushing disappointment and some humbling experiences and some desperate out loud prayers. (which were all answered in an extremely timely manner, I might add.)  I laid in my car and turned the radio up really loud*. I almost cried cause I couldn't find the right answers in my geology book. I actually cried my eyes out on the phone with my parents in the middle of the night.

The conversation ended with my dad telling me to "cry your cry, wash your face, and go blog about it." And I was still sobbing a little bit when suddenly, an angel called me, aka my sister Rose who listened to me cry for a minute and then, way more enthusiastically than is reasonable for such an hour, got out her textbooks and answered every question on my study guide, not only explaining with that insane excitement I use when people start talking about 19th century British Literature, but emailing me little figures and pictures of all the different types of earthquake waves. Like a boss.

By the time I went to bed, I almost felt human again.

And then! Today was as brilliant as yesterday sucked. Great stuff , including, but not limited to:

-Finalizing my graduation plan.**
-Changing my emphasis for the last time. Be proud.
-Eating Thai food with Stephanie, who fills my heart with joy.
-An FHE group came to my door playing bigger or better***, at which time I traded a sled for a wooden stool that is fairly oozing with charm and potential names.
- Watching my favorite movie of all time. ( It was terrible! Terrible! But driving fast behind the ambulance was fantastic!")****

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that life is still worth it, even if it sometimes smacks you in the face. Thai Food makes up for it.

* When diet coke is unavailable, this is the coping method of choice.
** Knowing full well I will be 25 before I graduate, I choose to clap anyway.
***Do you all know about the phenomenon of Bigger or Better that exists in FHE groups? If you don't, please read about it here.
**** Name that movie for 2,398 points and a spot in the inner sanctum.


  1. 2,398 points, like a boss. I am so happy someone actually knew and bothered to answer.

  2. Amy had a physical, out-loud reaction when I read the "About a Boy" quote. It went something like "oh, oh, OH! did she really!?!"

  3. Trents are the coolest people in the world.


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