Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Weird and Wonderful Day

Several strange events of the day, all of them weird, some of them wonderful:
1. I woke up at four something this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Please! How does that happen after four and a half hours? What are you doing body? Real Mature!

2. Today was three shift Tuesday. Started feeling a wee bit odd during shift number two and decided to ignore it. Soon after the start of shift number three, I decided ignoring it wasn't gonna cut it anymore seeing as how my vision kept blacking in and out.

3. My bosses made me go drink water and sit down, which was good cause I was feeling like I just took lortab. For those of you who don't know, that one time I went to work on lortab the day after I got all four wisdom teeth taken out was not a pretty one, and this had potential to be a repeat. Apparently, the water break wasn't good enough cause Collin asked me if I was feeling alright and set up a high power fan four feet from me for the rest of the shift.

4. People kept coming up and asking me if I needed help with anything. Uh.. do I look that bad?

5. I sliced my thumb open with that metal divider rack I was cleaning. Again, I think I looked worse than I realized because Collin, instead of directing me to the band aids, led me to them, put my finger over a trashcan and sprayed and cleaned the wound himself, applying some kind of coagulation powder in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the profuse bleeding, and bandaged me like a kindergartener. During this process, I felt an odd sort of impulse to giggle, which I am pretty sure is not a good sign seeing as how I was bleeding all over the place.

6. All day I felt an odd disconnect from my limbs, like I wasn't really the one working them. Huh.

7. I got home from work and was watching The Office and laying down trying to feel normal again, getting a little lonely, when I heard a knock on the door. Who should be on my doorstep but my long-lost friend Shane out of the blue!

8. He has perfect timing, and was also very nice about being clobbered on my porch. Which was good, cause I needed a hug real bad. I don't think I have ever opened my front door to a better surprise. 

9. Good quotebookage:

" You know, sometimes I doubt how bad I am, cause you are pure evil. Comcast evil."
" You were embarrassed? I guarantee every girl there was drooling."
 And finally: "If you have any poo, fling it now! That is what we say in awkward situations."

You be the judge of what was weird and what was wonderful.

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