Friday, March 23, 2012

It's a big world, after all

Global society, the Internet, the Concord, all the good stuff that makes the world supposedly shrink everyday, you know? I have something to say about that.

Bull. It's not as small as we think. Not when you have friends you love in Argentina and Germany or even a different university. Not when you have siblings and little girls you miss across the country in different states. Not when the semester ends and every one of your friends flits away to Idaho and Nevada and maybe other continents. Not when you need shared experiences even more than you need communication.

If only I could gather up all those people and keep them in a five mile radius around me. If only that was possible, and not an incredibly selfish and futile wish. If only that letter with my name on it would get here one of these days!

I miss Justin and Cesar and Nate and Gina and Alex and Erin and the whole rest of my family.
That is all. End whine. 

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