Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quote Wars and a Career Choice.

I have recently engaged in a Facebook war with my boss. He thinks the only things you should post on Facebook are good quotes. No one knows why. But somehow, his brain says that if you don't post inspiring quotes, you are not a good Facebooker, which is of course the ultimate failure.

I am not all that worried about my quality level as a Facebooker, but after a certain amount of jabs, I gave in and started posting cool author quotes, because heaven knows I am full up on those. And you know what? Facebook wars in the middle of the night is amusing. Also, my work life is a lot better when Collin and I rave about C.S. Lewis together, as opposed to him telling me I am a bad Facebooker and that is why I don't have a boyfriend.

In this search for good quotes, I have delved into my bookcase more frequently than normal, thumbing through my favorite books for the parts that really stand out. ( at which point I realized that annotating has, in fact, come in handy. all my high school teachers were right, and I concede the point gracefully. ahem)

Tangent coming to a point. All this thumbing through reminded me of how much I love, adore, and perhaps revere the people who wrote these books. What genius and what God given talent! (Alan Paton is an inspired man, by the way. Everyone should read Cry the Beloved Country. ) So I was sitting on my floor surrounded by old copies of these books I have read and written all over and carried with me everywhere and cried on and laughed about, and I suddenly felt really good about my career choice.

Drum Roll: I finally gave in and declared myself an English Education Major, secondary. That's right folks. I'm gonna be a mini Parrish. Because if I get to indoctrinate the youth of America with books like these, my life will be pretty great, and maybe someday some of them will be sitting on their floors in the middle of the night surrounded by old copies of books they read and wrote all over and carried everywhere and cried on and laughed about. Maybe someday one of those books will have my name on it, and some kid will sit in his teacher's office talking about my book and shout "oh, you existentialist!". Maybe someday those kids will feel personally invested in getting something out of what they read. And that is a vision that comforts me during my white nights.

I'm gonna make those suckers annotate until their highlighters are sucked dry and they will thank me for it someday, yes they will! Probably on a blog that I will never see.

 It could be a thankless job, but someone's gotta do it, and as long as the thought makes me feel giddy, I figure I am as good a candidate as any.

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