Sunday, November 4, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

Normally I don't give much credence to crazy conspiracy theories, but today I have one. This week's occurrence is entirely too coincidental to be coincidental, if you know what I mean.

So there's this boy. His name is Daxx. We communicate on a frequent basis, thanks to blessed technology. And we like it that way. This week, however, my momma left me a (slightly upset) voicemail telling me that I had used ninety percent of my text messaging until the sixth. I accordingly called Daxx and Bekah to let them know as the only two people in the world who text me regularly, that this should not happen until next week. And then I proceeded to play phone tag with Daxx cause we have really conflicting schedules, I guess. Somewhere around the third voicemail later, when I was thinking that this whole communication thing was getting really difficult, we finally managed a phone call.

Hurray! I thought. And then he told me that he was running out of minutes, enough so that we had to get off the phone quick. So we hurried and picked a time for Sunday Skype night and then he realized...."Shoot! You remember how my laptop just broke? Yeah, no cameras, no mic."

Crap! I thought. But it's okay, cause then he thought of the Ipod and how we can still skype thanks to one last avenue of blessed technology. So here I am, awaiting nine tonight for a skype date. But this whole universe plotting to never let us talk ever again thing has been pretty effective so far, so I am trying not to get my hopes up too high. Skype has been known to sporadically hate me, and so have Ipods.

Long story short, please blessed technology, in the midst of this week of eery inconveniences, work!

kay, bye. 

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