Saturday, November 10, 2012

For the Boys...

Specifically Mark, but boys in general. This is leaning. I'd bet money you've all done it, and that most of you didn't even know you were doing it.  So here. There's a label for that thing you all do. 

P.S. Analyze, Mark, quick!


  1. Ok, I just read your previous post "for reals" as opposed to being distracted by other things while Amy reads it to me. So, let me tell you something about boys... We do a lot of things without realizing it. Sometimes we are comfortable with someone / people in a given environment, and we do silly things - sometimes we even may perform some wanting and accepting leaning type moves in jest, and sometimes we posthumously realize that we were actually interested in the girl "for realz".

  2. Oh, Mark what would we do with out your clarifying advice?
    I miss you both!

    1. Amy asks "When are you coming ?!? We want your children...[pause]... and you."

      I believe that you'd be coming up with Amy on the 18th, but I could be wrong.

      PS We miss you guys too. Amy misses her "Erin time" terribly, and was just saying earlier today that she needs to call you more.


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