Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things about my life.

Cause I am exploding with details ( also, narcissism?) Whatever. Go!

1. My deodorant has been sitting on my desk for three days straight cause I have lost the clear plastic cap. I cleaned today and looked under all the furniture. Alas, it is one elusive piece o' plastic. Thus, the deodorant remains on the desk  for the forseeable future. (This is what Jessie would call "Whitrash!")

2. I work with three women and one poor guy named Garret on a daily basis. Today Garret complained a lot that everyone was being mean to him except me, I was nice. It occurred to me that I haven't been there long enough for our cycles to sync up and that is why I am an anomaly of niceness. I almost warned him. Give it a few months Garret, and then you're in real trouble with all us females.

3. Libby is a tricksy little hobbit. She bested me today, and won the ongoing war of wet willies. Meaning she finally tricked me into falling for it, after months of succesful evasions and exclamations of "How dumb do you think I am?" It happened, folks. I am that dumb.

4. No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep Jedediah clean. It always needs to be vacuumed, and the inside of the windshield always needs to be washed. It is this neurotic thing now, and every time I clean it it gets cleaner. (Surprise, world! Neurosis!) Last time I vacuumed up glass from underneath the lining underneath the back seat, which tells you something cause that car was a salvage title when Ben bought it eight years ago and I was the one the find the glass from that crash sometime pre-Ben-ownership. And then I felt like it wasn't even clean enough.

5. I cannot spell the word vacuum. Spell check, right there!

6. I take I-85 to work and then use 47 to connect to 15-501. I know how to get there. But I cannot for the life of me retrace those directions backwards. I have twice gotten lost trying to do it. I gave up and I take 15-501 and 40 home even though it takes longer. And this is almost confession time cause I tease Justin so much about being directionally challenged and not qualified for freeway navigation. I guess I needed humble pie or something, so there's some serious imperfection here on the internets. Enjoy.

7. I have an almost nonexistent productivity level while I read anything by Orson Scott Card.

8. I work on Duke campus in the Refectory of the Divinity School. Sometimes, when I get done with work I go sit in the Chapel for a while. I have lately begun reading the Book of Mormon in the Duke Chapel. Ben thought this was really funny, and it somehow makes me feel really outside the box. I think this will be a habitual occurence.

9. I am annoyed with instant messaging in all its forms. You know why? Cause it is too dang hard to fight when there are no vocal intonations and you are talking to a boy who is really dense.

10. I really like taking 86 home instead of the freeway, and I do it on special occasions purely for the sake of the railroad tracks wishing opportunity and that one pond just visible through the trees which heals my soul a little every time I drive past.

11. I am currently obsessed with The Civil Wars, specifically Barton Hollow. Apparently I hum it unconsciously and have been doing so since Saturday. Ben thinks this is really funny. Also, he asked what song that was cause I've been "humming a song that is really dissonant" Good thing that song is not really dissonant, and that means that I might be tone deaf when I am habit-humming.

12. My sisters say I hum when I am angry. I say I hum a lot of other times too. For example: since saturday, same song all the time. Sisters. I promise I hum not just when I am angry.

13. Today while I was wiping tables I found a face-up penny. Somebody is making luck for everybody else and I like it!

14. Sometimes I really miss Nate and I want him to be in the same country again. Sometimes I really miss everyone in Utah and I want to just be at home for the day.

15. I really like North Carolina. Life is interesting, and good, and very very different than what I was doing before. I really like being part of a family that is my real family. It's like this alternative family dynamic and I am learning a lot. I didn't realize when I moved here how much I would learn about my family, not just as an aunt living with my siblings and beloved children, but how much Erin and I are learning about our family and the way we grew up. It's amazing what we never knew about each other and our siblings and our parents and even our grandparents. It is fascinating living with a sibling who you didn't really grow up with. Erin and I were never kids together and I didn't realize how much there is to learn now that we can compare perspectives about past events. Fascinating!

Yep. Narcissism. But blogs are inherently a little narcissistic, so it's fine, right? Don't answer that.

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  1. Milla! We love hearing about you. Please don't feel narcissistic, cause that means you're less likely to post more often.


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