Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angsty and Pubescent

Does anyone out there remember potter puppet pals? "I'm angsty and pubescent and I can't hold down a girlfriend!" Anyone?

The self-imposed fast has begun. I haven't had diet coke in three days. Thus the angst.
This is probably good though, because of course caffeine addictions are not the healthiest thing in the world. But already I have terrible headaches that show up every afternoon and I feel snarky beyond belief. I've had some good practice holding in my inner snark, though. The lesson this week in relief society was on the word of wisdom.  Everything from red bull to chocolate (it has too much caffeine) has been written off as wicked, including diet coke specifically. Apparently all that aspartame is turning to formaldehyde and preserving my organs as we speak. 

Also, "Soda pop counts as hot drinks."

The inner snark was held in successfully, but my tongue may have been bloody by the time the closing song rolled around. 

Three days down, two weeks to go. I'm living on water. Also, painkillers.

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