Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Words cannot express how much I love and adore....

.... diet coke. But it's an unhealthy relationship. We broke up last week.

On to the healthy things! I Love and adore:

1. The whole family. They are crazy. They drive each other crazy. They have been described as "better than cable", and "the mormon soap channel". We are dramatic and chaotic.  But we love each other and I think they are the coolest people on this green earth.

2. Justin Banks and company. Six years and counting. I love him, shouting matches, four hour phone conversations, awkward falling and all. We should get jerseys, cause we make a good team. (best song eva!)

3. Kaptain Katie. Best roommate ever. She is currently in disneyland, probably scaring Jane and Gabe with the talking trashcan and becoming a bronze goddess all over again, guzzling diet coke.  I wish she was here.

4. Shane Goodsell. Because everyone needs someone to have ninja fights in the hallway with. He saves me when I do math homework and pretends to be a perfect emotionless warrior. But we all know he is just a teddy bear who happens to be large and imposing.

5. Driving with the music turned up really loud. Roadtrips. Flip flops. Pandora. Full bookcases. Black heels. Aviators. The H rock. Lifehouse. The crayon family portrait on my ceiling. Five dollar coats. Duct tape. Sliding down railings. Dancing in the kitchen.Jumping on matthew's bed. NCIS. glow in the dark stars. Puddle jumping with my dog. All those things that make life gleeful.

it's a good day.

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