Monday, May 23, 2011

Proof my brother helped to raise me

two weeks later....
I am moved in. It's a good thing, too, cause I couldn't remember what color my carpet was. Which would be a devastating fate of course. Anyway.

I am in the mood for Stargate. Probably because Alex and I worked a bunch of O'Neill references into our conversation today. (Sticking it to the man? I don't know if I can be the man.)

In honor of the best Sci-Fi show ever, let's have a countdown of the best episodes. Because it is late, and I am a geek, and also what you might call a predatory geek, aka I want everyone else to love, adore, and understand the wonderfulness that is SG1.  I'm out to convert you, world.

#1 Window of Opportunity
Where Jack and Teal'c get stuck in a time loop for months and have to convince everyone else every day that they already did this about a thousand times. And then they get creative with the no consequences thing....
All I have to say is, golfing through the stargate is probably the most brilliant thing in five universes, or, you know, however far the ball went.

"Colonel O'Neill, what the Hell are you doing?"
"In the middle of my backswing!"

#2 Urgo
Dom Deluise. Jello. Pumpkin pie. Row Row Row your boat.
" Well. If you call that singing."

#3 Holiday
The one where they all switch bodies, and Daniel delivers a touching speech whilst dying in an old guy's body. This one gets a bonus for working in several Junior references.
"Shave my head?!"

#4 Fragile Balance
The one where Jack gets cloned as a fifteen year old. This one has an excellent youtube video. So priceless.
"Are you conducting some kind of scientific experiment, O'Neill?"
"Hey, that salsa's still good!"

#5 Crusade
Vala comes back but in Daniel's body. Vala is also pregnant, apparently through immaculate conception.
"Yes, and I am absolutely terrified. Have any of you heard of this happening before?"
"Well, there's one."
"Darth Vader"
"Really? How did that turn out?"

watch em. And embrace the inner geek.

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