Friday, May 6, 2011

Not Kosher

I am currently moving out of my apartment. aka blogging while I wait for the oven cleaning foam to dissolve the crap caked on there. But overall, moving out. And there is this phenomenon going on today called  'people, including myself, do annoying things that make me want to go off like an atom bomb'.

So I have to remind myself that certain behaviors are not kosher for adult humans who should have acquired self controlling skills above a kindergarten level by the time they reach college.

things like dumping all the crap from all the nooks and crannies in the garbage. it's not mine, so I should not throw it away. not kosher.
Or yelling at managers who don't send the plumber to fix our dead disposal like they said they would, causing difficulties with doing dishes because the sink won't freaking drain. So then you just wash stuff in the boys' apartment and restrain those previously discussed four year old tendencies. Cause tantrums and outside voices are not kosher.
Also, slicing your fingernail off with a razor is not kosher. The timing of that incident was unfortunate. Could I have done that next week? Heck no! Of course I would do that the week when I am handling all manner of chemical cleaners that get inside the open wound. And then, cause I am the most graceful person on the planet, I also mushed the throbbing open wound in a freak accident involving some oven foam on the floor and a slamming oven door. None of that is kosher, but it is, alas, my own stupid fault.
Also, the stains on the kitchen floor just won't come off! Not Kosher.

So, I have been dealing with all these not kosher things in a way that is also not kosher, namely, swearing under my breath when cleaner gets in the razor wound. But that is significantly closer to kosher than exploding like an atom bomb, right?

I think that this usage of "Not Kosher" also tells us that I am "Not Jewish". 

P.S. Shane. I apologize for the swears. But I made that no swearing promise under duress. It will quit when the cleaner stops hurting me.

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