Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Continuing in the same vein....

Diet Coke can give you a hangover. I did not know this until I found myself in the midst of a nasty one. Katie told me that it would get better if I slept it off. So about four this morning, when the buzz finally wore off, I gladly let sleep take me. When I woke up about six and a half hours later, I felt great. I thought, "Wow! Sleep and liquid is a remedy from Aladdin's cave of wonders!"

Another six and a half hours later, I am learning something new. Caffeine hangovers have aftershocks. Yep, like earthquakes. Once again, my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets and some invisible gremlin is hovering in the general area of my temple with a screwdriver, maybe hanging pictures or christmas lights or something  from my head.

But I guess I learned something from this. I've gotta quit. No matter how much I love the sound of popping a soda can open, no matter that I get a rush of adrenaline from that blessed liquid, no matter how often diet coke appears in my dreams, I must quit, because I have reached a point that I didn't think existed. It's just not worth it.

This is where Faithful diet coke addicts worldwide will be ashamed. I'll be ostracised and kicked out of the community of those whose very veins run with brown and carbonated liquid. Maybe someday when I am over the diet cokeaholic stage, I'll be able to have one every now and then,and they'll let me visit the citadel of caffeine lovers. In the meantime, I have three days left. Then begins my self imposed fast. Which will be terrible,and also really healthy.

Oh, swears! (Can't I just get a soda IV?)

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  1. Reading the last sentence, I thought you were saying you wanted a soda 4. Curse you, acronyms disguised as Roman numerals.


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