Monday, May 23, 2011

Reasons I love my Place of Work

*which does not mean that I enjoy slipping in sauce, snotty customers, or sheeting crusts by the hundreds. It does mean that there are certain redeeming qualities.

Redeeming qualities that happened tonight, in the best of all possible shifts, in the best of all possible pizza joints:

1. There was no boss, just Dallas shift supervising, which essentially means that the crew was a bunch of teenagers having a blast, singing to the radio, and writing  "MOM" tattoos on each other's arms.

2. It was a Monday, which means that we weren't that busy, and I actually left at my scheduled leaving time as opposed to half an hour afterwards.

3. I feel that I know my co workers on a whole new level after today's shift, due to some topics that are only questionably work appropriate. Some topics of conversation include:
-Co worker relationships, which are now an interesting topic because Daxx and Dallas decided to take every girl who works there on a date.
- How to tell if someone is flirting, aka Dallas is being flirted with by every girl in his school and he is just too dense to get it.
- How being on her period is an acceptable excuse for a girl to break up with you.
- The renaming of every employee as another employee, because people have identity confusion within those walls. Allyssa is Gina, Dallas is Daxx, I am Dallas, and Daxx is Rayce. How did we decide that? That is a good question, and no one knows.

4. I worked with Daxx, whom I had spoken probably three sentences to before tonight. In the course of one shift, we have progressed from awkward sidestepping and "mm, what's your name again?"  to a high five routine, inside jokes, and "Look guys! Guys, we're holding hands!" I feel a friendship happening.

5. A day is not a good day without some good quotage. Thus:

" Amy, I will never ever leave you. I'm right here, Amy!"
"Hmm, well that is quite a declaration."

" Are we really talking about this?"
"um, Kevin's not here, so...yep, we are."

"I have no idea what I am looking for here."
"well, I don't know if that is exactly workplace appropriate."
"huh? I meant I couldn't find the onion chart."

"Who did the stocking?"
"I did."
"That's hot."

"Hey, Daxx, I'll come up and help you with those in a minute."
"Why, cause Amy's in love with me?"

" Didn't you guys all go through that stage when you were three and you just locked yourself inside a closet and said every swear word you knew over and over again?"
"Uh, maybe. Not really."
"Huh. well I had a really long one of those stages."

"You broke up and got back together in a week? Wow."
"Yeah, but I was on my period, so it doesn't really count."

I have never laughed so hard I couldn't breathe whilst making pizza before, but it happened. Best. Day. Eva!


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