Thursday, February 23, 2012

Being a Big Kid

is sometimes more difficult than I had anticipated.

Kids complain about limited choices. I did too. And then I realized that life is more daunting when there are no limited choices. As described in my emotional outburst to my parents the other day:

" Young Women's has messed me up for life! You know why? Cause now I have a testimony of accountability and personal choice and that means I have to pick something to do with my life and do it!"

Oh High School. Such a balance between freedom and safety nets will never ever exist again. sigh.


  1. Amen is exactly what I was going to say. So Amen again!

  2. Amen as well. When I was a kid my theory was; I can't wait till I grow up so I can do whatever I want!. Yeah, write. I am a little disturbed that you didn't give your parents any credit with teaching you the choice and accountability thing, but hey; the important thing is you learned it. Way to go Amy. Your are wonderful. Love Mom


thank you for validating my existence, you lovely person!