Monday, February 27, 2012

Memory lane is lovely this time of year, all that snow!

So today, I rediscovered the power of reminiscing. Sometimes, reminiscing has actual magic powers that make old beloved memories come back and relive themselves. For example:

This morning, I was straightening the jungle of my hair when I missed the hair and got my hand. Little did I know that this would spur a whole chain of events that made me miss freshman year a whole heap.

It started when I got done with geology and my hand was seriously throbbing and showing some nasty red marks, so I did the only thing I could think of to make it feel better. I headed to the quikstop to buy something cold to hold on it. (read: excuse to drink diet coke) And on the way down the hall in the TSC, I got distracted by the booksale going on. (surprise, surprise!). And while I was reading this book on how the Irish saved civilization during the dark ages which seemed pretty fascinating to me, my dear old roommate Morgan walked past and called to me! The Joy! I miss that woman. Reminiscing ensued. We talked about Sarah being a ninja who throws people in  bathtubs or tackles people in order to mush cupcakes in their face and smear frosting on their faces.

 And then I stopped being distracted and finished my task of buying diet coke and decided that I would go kill the half hour before my lab in my old study spot outside the auditorium. So there I was, reading my textbook and holding a cold beverage on my burns when who should walk up behind me but Shanathan! More reminiscing ensued. We talked about smuggling Cd's out of the apartment and getting distracted by star wars posters in class.

So much good stuff! I miss last year, and pineview, and my old college family. And in honor of a day of accidental reminiscing, I came home and read some old blog posts that I never actually published about the old life at pineview. And in honor of a year of wonderful, I am posting this old one. Post within a post! It's happening!


The Family

Family of Affinity: a group of people who identify themselves as a family group without any blood connection. Here at college, they are everywhere. And here is what I got out of mine, specifically:

1. You can cobble together a family just about anywhere. When the family is assembled, drawing crayon family portraits and hanging them on your fridge is recommended, as is family dinner.

2. Even though Shane is apparently the Alpha male (because he is in the middle of the family portrait, and also the tallest), the real ruler is the Alpha female. The hard part is figuring out who gets to be the alpha female that particular month, if you know what I mean.

3. Family bonding is best enhanced through card games, specifically Munchkin. This game is most interesting when everybody switches roles. Like last time, when Katie was "The Spencer" (the expert who always wins)and I was "The Shane" (the poor sap who gets every high monster and no bonus cards, ever).

4. Spencer is the smartest, and also the spiritual giant. He leads (purely speculative, non-doctrinal) discussions on evolution, cloning and dinosaurs, using the scriptures.He is also the enabler, because he brought us a whole bag of snickers once.

5. Katie is the glue who holds our family together. She is the queen bee, the good girlfriend, and the best friend. We call her Mrs. President. She is the spoke in the wheel, the driver in the car, the pilot to our spaceship, and also the relationship guidance counselor.

6. Morgan is the masochistic overachiever in our family. She makes set models and threatens Shane with death when he gets too close with the nerf gun.

7. Sarah is the devil on everybody's shoulder. She wears killer purple stilletos and does martial arts in the living room. She makes some killer food items, and cannot open the pan spray by herself.

8. Ruthie is the angel on everybody's shoulder. She is the good one who does homework and promotes health and happiness all around.

9. Shane is the guy who helps our apartment pass math classes including but not limited to 900, 1010, and 1050. He is the leader of all the food runs. He rules Taco Tuesday and the midnight burrito tradition, and also papusa. He sings hymns in Spanish. We get mad at him when he knocks.

10. I am the opener, specifically the opener of the pan spray and the dishwasher soap packets. I am the ocd mailbox checker, the person who steals everybody else's quirks and phrases, and the one who loves Friends a lot more than is healthy. (Seeing as how we are an apartment full of girls, there has to be one.)

We live here like a bunch of sibling with no parents. The fact I have known most of my roommates since I was twelve also contributes to the odd feeling that I am living inside a constant sleepover. Life can't get better!

Here I am a year later, and I still agree with myself. That is rare, folks.

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