Monday, February 20, 2012

Penetrating the Bureaucracy

Thanks to teensy short men voiced by the Sicilian dude from Princess Bride, this is a difficult task. I have spent a bunch of my morning attempting to penetrate the bureaucracy of Utah State University as well as Durham Tech. I have not been successful as of yet, because:

1. Apparently, the goal of Durham Tech is to ensure that it is as difficult as possible to speak to a person.
2. Utah State has complicated and technical requirements for residency. These requirements are not the same when you talk to the person in the admissions office as when you look on the website. Sometimes, they aren't even consistent on the website.
3. The lady at the registrar's office lied when she said there was a place on the website where I can compare class content between USU and other institutions and check to make sure they are transferable. Such a place exists for institutions within the state of Utah, but not outside it. An application to transfer back to USU does me no good this side of the adventure.

This is slightly more difficult than I had anticipated. But it's okay, cause I can figure stuff out. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed, I say to myself, "Self! Quitting is for quitters."

This motto is brilliant in its 'captain obvious' kind of way, don't you think?
So anyway, that is my life. Hope yours is as awesome!

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