Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I work in a place where everyone smiles and says "Good morning!"

So today, I was at work. And I was really exhausted and working with my friend Osanna who was also extremely exhausted, having woken up at four this morning. And that sounds like a long night of drudgery, right?

Wrong. Because:

- I hit my second wind. Osanna similarly was so tired she was hyper. Which resulted in some dancing and high fiving and singing and laughing until I couldn't breathe.

- Osanna lost her phone and Collin found it and tried all night to get her to buy it back from him, cause he is a punk like that, and he tries to look like it. Aka, Tara and I laughed hard when he put on his sweatpants but wore them about a foot lower than his waistline. No joke.

-During one of those times tonight ( yep. they were plural) when half the crew was all standing in one spot laughing at something Collin said, Osanna said, " I love working here! We are hilarious. Think about it, guys. Where else would you rather be right now?"

That statement may revolutionize how I feel about going to work. Cause when I though about it (whilst giggling pretty hard) I realized that there weren't a whole lot of places I'd rather be.

So, to finish off a post about how I got real lucky with my job, some quotebookage:

" I feel like Lindsay is always saying things like that and I try to answer like a normal person but I just end up sounding really Mormon."

" I have a story that is sort of innappropriate. Kay, it is straight-up innappropriate."

"I'm looking at Blake but I am thinking about Ingrid Michaelson."

" It's a miracle. The chicken multiplied itself!"

"Well, she told me a minute ago she was having an out of body experience."

"Goodnight, guys! Don't ever let Collin set you up on a date!"

 Basically, I like my job. It is a place where I work and also play. We sing, we dance, we cartwheel. I have Tara and Gen who will laugh at my awkward stories and help me laugh at myself, and Collin who has always known more about my dating life than a supervisor should, who will make a game plan for my dating life so I can stop feeling stressed, and Osanna who will party with me, and Blake who will enable my love of books, and Scott who will tell me I rock twenty times a day, and Gary and Elise who will teach me how to flip pancakes, and Charlie who will always think my name is Emily and makes me scones, and Illuminda who brings joy into my soul with her air kisses and mothering.

I dish food and refill mayo bottles, and I don't even care.

"awesome saucesome!"

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