Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Internet,

I feel like a lot of my posting lately has been when I was freaking out and emotional. Heads up to the world... my life doesn't suck even though I make it sound like it does. Just cause I am feeling dangerously close to being a complainer, here are five great things that happened today.
1. Talked to three family members. That is an uncommon day, and a good day.
2. Rose got a job and that is fabulous!
3. I found out that university scholarships and departmental scholarships stack. Mulah. woot.
4. Class got out early, leaving me with an extra forty five minutes. I read Persuasion. go Jane.
5. I made up a new game with Shane that involves a ruler and a plastic cup and lots of throwing and       catching attempts. I felt five years old, and it might have been the best ten minutes of my day.

That's all. Life's good.

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