Friday, February 4, 2011

Four Letter Words

WARNING: The following post includes subject matter which pertains to curses/oaths and may also include some. Then again, it may not.

Big news. I generally disapprove of people cussing up a storm and I always disapprove of the F word, but there are some times when swearing is so d*** stress-relieving. Why is that? If I was allowed to say those words, would they be any fun to say? Not so much. I struggle with swearing, and I think it is mostly for the following reasons.
1. Ninety percent of all my favorite teachers, the really good ones, have been full-fledged cussers. And let me tell you, it is just plain hilarious. I always felt guilty for laughing in class when they start swearing, but I never tried to stop. Kreuger/Schmid/McLaren/Sharpe/sometimes even Brough- you are too funny for my own good.
2. My siblings swear. Not Rose cause she is a better person than the rest of us, I guess. But the rest of us do when the children aren't around. My older siblings have socialized me into it over the years, I suppose. Dad too. Only once do I remember him swearing. He found a pan put away in the cupboard that was still dirty, (really, truly, dirty. like somebody just didn't feel like washing it after making bacon or something) Anyway, he called us asses. It is a cherished memory.
3. I know that no one in my family struggles with this view of me, but in other arenas where my devilish side isn't so well- known, people think I'm a goody two shoes. And I get made fun of about it, so sometimes I have been guilty of letting one or two go to disillusion everyone who thinks I am a self-righteous,judgemental hater.
4. It's really fun to swear at people in theatre class. Sure, I was doing a scene. Sure, you can say it was Lizzie calling Starbuck a jackass. The truth is, I didn't like my scene partner all that much either, and I was only slightly ashamed that I put that line back in after they cut it for me. ( because there is no way Amy will be okay with swearing, even onstage. Uh huh.)

Long story short, I struggle. I may be going to h***. 

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