Friday, February 25, 2011

On a scale from Kanye West to Taylor Swift, how great is life?

 The past 43 hours was the coolest day ever for approximately nine thousand reasons.
But the top coolest things (coupled with any/all applicable quote-boardage) are as follows:

I didn't have math this morning. Always good. Also, yesterday was a math test which means that not only did I not have class today, I also had no math assignment. Can it get better? I think not. Wait, yes. I kicked that test in the butt so it got better.

This is election week here at college, which means that everyone and their brother's dog have been giving out campaign flyers with coupons on them. Coldstone. Rumbi. Texas Road House. Coldstone. Quiznos. Bagels. Free Bracelets. Free ties. Yep. Tanner gave us ties and Spencer tied them for us.
 " These are going on our Ceiling, no battle!"

"That would be an appropriate thing to do."

Katie left for anthropology, came back five minutes later with muddy wet jeans and announced that she had fallen and hurt her knee.
"Is this a sign from the universe that I should not go to class and instead clean our gross apartment?" " yes, yes it is."
So we went to Wally World for cleaning supplies and came back with clorox wipes, paper towels, bagels, and french fries, and then cleaned our apartment (using only the paper towels and clorox wipes.) And then it smelled better. Which I am personally a fan of. Go Febreze.

You remember those little stickers for your nails that you used at five year old girl birthday parties? Katie found a box of them for cheap and we painted our nails, put stickers on them, and plastered them down with clear nail polish. We look super cool.

One of those campaign coupons was for Costa Vida, if you remember. So Katie and Shane and Spencer and I went and used that. Good food and diet coke. cheap. Hello!
" Can we leave them? They are being slow!"

Also, I was wearing shoes that apparently have no tread because I almost fell on the way to the car. Then, in the Costa Vida parking lot, I fell hardcore. Like, the kind of banana fall you see in cartoon and think, that person is stupid.  So there I am, half laughing hysterically, half crying cause I hurt my shoulder, lying in a parking lot getting my derriere a wee bit wet. So they help me up, we eat, and then leave. Apparently, these people have no faith left in my ability to walk, (which may be a valid concern) so Katie and Spencer actually went and got the car while me and Shane waited on the curb and then he "put me in the car" so I wouldn't kill myself. On the way inside, I slipped again a little bit so they formed a line like ducklings so that if I fell forward Katie would  catch me and if I fell backward Shane would catch me. I felt completely handicapped and idiotic, but that's okay cause I've got good friends who stop me from killing myself.
" Guys, she's dying."
" Um, I am just choking on my own saliva. It's fine."

So forever ago at the beginning of this whole college thing, Katie and Chelsey  drew a crayon family portrait of all of us and gave out some ridiculous/greatest thing ever nicknames. But since then, Chelsey got married and left the family and Shane and Spencer and Ruthie have been adopted in. So we got crayons and made a new family portrait. Which is brilliant. New nicknames but also we now have thought bubbles, some of which may seem inappropriate if you weren't here for the joke.
We make good fridge art.
" Nose goes!" " We are all going to be adults and draw part of it."

Katie brought up a huge quilt to put over our beds so they look like just one bed, which is great because it looks cool but also cause our house is cold. (did I say anything about when we pushed our beds together and called it the Marriage Bed? my mom told me that I shouldn't call it that, and we have sleepovers sometimes. You can fit a lot of people in two beds.)
"On a scale from yes to no, should we go to the gym still?" ""

Katie and Jasmine and I made a hardcore breakfast this morning, including,  but not limited to: Breakfast burritos, pancakes, and diet coke. Except Jasmine, who drank pomegranate juice because she is way more healthy. And also cause carbonation gives her migraines. I don't know how the poor girl survives.
"Give me a scale for how hungry I am."
"You know my hungry scale!"
"Fine. Starving in the desert for five days hungry." -and-
" I always get food in my nose!"

Katie and I sat in the living room doing our biology assignments online together. And we are doing our genetics unit right now so there was lots Pea Pod theory and talking about how people in close knit communities like the Amish have more disorders because you are getting less genetic variation and suddenly they are asking us to predict the genotypes and phenotypes of ......aliens. Seriously. Not joking. little green men with either black or orange eyes depending on the heterozygous alleles involved. Someone writing this assignment was on drugs. Eventually Katie's computer did that wierd shutting off in the middle of things nonsense and my mouse started doing that wierd thing where it just doesn't work until I reboot. So we stopped because apparently, "It's another sign that we shouldn't be doing biology anymore."

Yep. My life is great. Kanye West great. Which is the low end of  the scale for a lot of people including Katie (who made up that scale) but it's my high end cause his music is way better. But if we were measuring jerk status instead of music Kanye would definitely be on the low end. Anyway.... tangent over. Life's great.
Being jealous would be an appropriate thing to do.

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