Sunday, February 20, 2011

Randomness. yeah.

I feel like my whole life could blow up in my face any minute. But really, it's fine. Because, In the words of my friend Basil, "I'm free to be happy no matter what hormones are rushing through my body."  Not that I feel particularly hormonal at the moment, but still, if I can be happy when I do, I can certainly be happy right now cause there is nothing worse than that.

Anyway, there's my classic amyfreakingoutallover moment. I'm done now. And guess what song just came on Pandora? Who'da Known by Lily Allen. Which is a song that I can't decide about. I can't decide if I really like it or if I feel like it is super creepy and stalkerish. Especially after I saw the music video which is beyond freakish but also kind of hilarious. It involves kidnapping and Elton John. how do you say......

I also just got done with one of the best weekends of my existence. Playing with Matthew and Libby, dancing around the kitchen with Emma, talking to my mom until two am, staying out with good friends till all hours, Julie gave me two twelve packs of diet coke because she loves me, the works. It even involved cheesecake.

Doesn't get much better than that.

I think that is all for now. K, Bye!

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