Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Math and Calamities. which are sometimes different things. sometimes.

Today, the unthinkable happened.

A calamity so large and disastrous that I don't even know what will happen because my creativity is drained.

I took a nap. On freaking accident.

I went to the library and got cool books after class cause I felt like it and also cause I don't have anything new to read minus some Jane Austen and sometimes we have fights, Jane and I. Today we are fighting.
Anyway, so I told Jane to shove it (in my mind, of course, because if people knew that I have conversations with my favorite authors on a regular basis, I'd get sent to a sanitarium. Sometimes I feel upset that I have schizophrenic tendencies and then Doestoyevsky tells me it's fine.) About three in the afternoon, after I told Jane to shove it I got in bed and decided to read for a little while before studying up the place cause I have a math test tomorrow and those are always, always, always, a big deal/the experience from hell.

And then I woke up at 8:47 p.m.

And I felt this mixture of panic and mind-swearing and a calm rested feeling and I am pretty sure I haven't felt that good since eighth grade.

So here's the thing. Today I was talking to my Math Professor about how I have trouble with math tests and how last test I felt so good about it and then I failed with capital 50. So I was, of course, flipping out a little bit because I feel like I am really prepared for this one too but that is apparently no indication of how it will really turn out.
And the guy told me:
- that I have test anxiety
- that I should meditate
- that I should just calm down and stop worrying
(I didn't know that he was talking to my mother.....)

So now I studied a little bit but I also slept for like six hours instead of studying. And I can't decide if that is good or really, really, bad. Cause I am well rested, right? I feel great as a result of that accidental nap, so I think that I choose to feel calm about it.

Good? or BAD?  Also, what happens if I fail another one? Also, I should just shut up and stop arguing with myself about it because I know how to factor polynomials and I know how to do functions and I can even do the zero property principle problems and stuff.

be calm. be calm. be calm. great song, by the way. be calm. be calm.


  1. So how did the test turn out? I think you are grand even if the test wasn't~!

  2. Naps are FANTASTIC! I had a teacher who told us, "A little everyday is better than a lot in May." For teachers that means five or ten minutes of practice everyday is better than spending five or ten days doing nothing but reviewing right before end of year state testing. Same thing for math. A little everyday is better than five or ten hours cramming and stressing right before a test. I vote in favor of Milla. =)


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