Thursday, February 17, 2011

pure joy overflowing from my soul and landing on the internet

For the following reasons:

1. I got two letters. that alone is enough to make the day shine with happiness.
2. Nate sent me his old decrepit CTR ring in one of the letters. I love this thing so much I almost don't want to wear it because it is so huge it will fall off and I will cry. Or I could just be really careful. whatever.
3. I am going home tomorrow for a four day weekend and I am kind of ecstatic that I get to see my crazy family and kiss the children all I want.
4. I am driving home in Katie's car. Which means that during the drive we will blast music. Good Kind.
5. I just remembered that I have cafe rio leftovers in the fridge.
6. Pandora just played My Girl even though it is on my Mike Posner station. Whoever mixed that with The Temptation is pure genius. 

Other great things in my life that didn't actually happen today but I am still happy about it:
- sleepovers in mine/katie's bed. we pushed them together and fit five people in for a sleepover for Morgan's Birthday. 
-the collage of randomness that is on the ceiling above our bed, including, but not limited to: Dwight Schrute, the award Cammie made for Katie for not having breakdowns at work last week, my breathing bag, a map of the east and west sides drawn by sarah on a cafe rio tray cover.
- sarah, katie, and I made snow angels yesterday in our pajamas. no shoes. very wet. awesome.

it's a day from paradise.

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