Monday, February 7, 2011

Gauranteed my head will explode in exactly five seconds.

Because. Half of that math assignment was stuff we didn't even talk about in class aka there is no chance I will be able to figure it out. And those problems where I have to figure out how long it will take for a rocket to go from mars to the sun, the sun to venus, and venus to mars. If I tell you how long it takes will you tell me why the freak anyone would ever care? I don't give a crap what the simplified version of parenthese 4p to the 3rd power over one sixth k to the negative ninth power parenthese negative twelfth power divided by 9k to the second power plus one fifth p is.Absofreakinlutely. Don't. Give. A. Crap.


I just have to get through 1010 and then I can be.... oh, not done. Still have to take quantitative analysis after that. And that thought makes me  too tired to explode so instead I am going to bed.

Goodnight, world.

P.S. If anyone knows how to do any of that, can you maybe call me?

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