Monday, November 22, 2010

And responsibility bites the dust

Sleeping over with Matthew and Libby.
Getting spit up on and playing all day with a beautiful baby neice.
Watching movies while Bekah makes sense of my computer files.
Going to parties and revisiting high school for a while.
Nate Mission Farewell which was really a hello for everybody else.
Digging out of the snow storm in soaking wet moccasins.
Eating betos burritos with Erin.
A break from the "how cheap can I possibly be?" game.
Doing nothing with my parents on a sunday afternoon.

Why on earth wouldn't you skip two days of school and spend a whole week at home? Who actually needed those two days of class? Could skiving off from all the things I should be doing be any more fun? Doubtful. (Once again, friends fans. I give you chandler bing.)

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