Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten great things that happenned to me today

This is a new game Katie made up because her day sucked and we are obsessed with being positive.
Including, but not limited to, ten.

- Most productive day of my life- the to do list is finished. eat it, gods of business.
- mailed a letter which is half as good as getting one
- got to talk to bekah, mom, and nate. three great people.
- Free food at FHE. That should have been number one.
- I drove Morgan's car home and got a parking space in parking lot 1.
- Dr. Huff is in Memphis and Dr. Evans was busy, so choir was cancelled.
- Talked to my favorite twin who gave me good ideas about keeping kids educationally entertained.
- Movie day in sociology, and no annoying professor day in religious studies. pheww.
- Cleaned out my desk and under my bed.
- Found my mp3 player.It was under the bed.
- The moment I got up to take painkillers Morgan came into my room and gave me caffeine instead.
- Re read Mockingjay. intense. wonderful. more intense. try it.
- Fancast posted new episodes of Friends. Thanksgiving. Turkey. laughter.
-  100 percent on yet another english paper.
- The student presenter in Religious studies gave everybody chocolate.

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