Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A day of Conversation with Matthew

Matthew: Aunty, can I watch another movie?
Me: No. You are obsessed with movies, kid!
Persistent child: Yeah, I know! I am obsessed with tv too, so can I watch another movie?

Yelling sledding boy: Whoa! I am sliding out of control!

Complaining yet cute child: Amy, I like you, but I just want to play with Libby more.

Me: How are your hands? Are they warm yet?
Boy: yeah they are getting better but my legs and my feet are still cold.
Me: Yeah. When we go sledding our limbs get really cold, Huh?
Him: Umm, Aunty,what is a limb?
Me: Arms and legs are limbs.
Kid: yeah, and then I fell off the sled when I slided out of control and my limbs got cold, right?

Me: Do you like this one? (Long awkward pause)
        Does it look funny?
Brutally honest nephew: umm, yeah. really funny.

Me: Wow. This parking lot is gross.
Adorable boy: Yeah, it is really gross. I don't want Zoe to get out in this mess!
(Zoe is my dog, who was safe at home, away from the mess. no worries)

Me: kay we have the milk, let's go find Grandma.

Matthew: Hey, Aunty, can you hold the milk in your other hand?
Me: Okay? Why?
Matthew: Well, I just wanted to hold the same hand. We shouldn't switch.

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